She wasn’t trying to kill me, but I almost died of fright!

Yesterday I had to take “The Queen” to Sentara Princess Anne’s Emergency Department to be (re)admitted for sepsis as a result of an open surgical wound of the ankle. Their waiting room was packed to capacity, so I resorted to standing at the periphery of despair, near the hallway that leads to the Outpatient registration area.

One time I looked over toward the ED registration area, and there was a nurse pointing a gun at me! Normally I react severely to such rudeness, but the incongruity of the event tempered my actions. After a split second to digest the scene, I realized that it was not a gun.

The nurse was pointing someone toward the hallway (where I was, 15 feet away), and holding a black pen along her trigger finger, er, index finger. Pointed directly at my head. A less contemplative man might have taken evasive action, or worse, if not for the fact that these facilities ban guns of those inclined to follow such unenforceable rules.

Very uncomfortable adrenalin dump.